Choosing The Best MiniBus For Your Group Outing

Why a minibus is is the best way to see Perth

Perth at nightPerth is a very scenic area and the people know it. When looking for things to do in Perth, you are almost certain to come across Kings Park. It is a place that locals are proud of and that visitors fall in love with. The park itself is an incredible 406 hectares that contains a mix of landscapes, from botanic gardens to wilder bushland. There are lawns for picnics and the lovely Swan River for relaxing by. There is also a lot of flora and fauna to see in the area.

If the park isn’t what you are looking for then how about heading to the coast for some beach time. The beaches here are perfect for swimming and body boarding. Surfers, however, may need to go to the more northerly beaches in the area, like Scarborough beach to catch some decent surf. Time on the beach is an age old stress buster, so try to schedule it into your plans.

A very convenient day out is a trip to Perth Zoo. It’s about 5 minutes from the centre of Perth and strives to replicate natural habitats for all of its residing guests. There are barbecue facilities in the area for groups that want to cook up a feast, but for those wanting something quick and easy, the Zoo Café will be happy to help. The range of animals to see at the Zoo is quite spectacular, with creatures from all over the world living in simulated habitats. From Africa, to Asia, this Zoo has it all.

For a blast from the past and to see something that has kept its value over the years, stop by to see the Perth Mint. It has been in operation since 1899 and so is one of Australia’s oldest mints. Actually, it is the oldest one that is still working today. That said, it is not producing standard coins as it used to. Nowadays, it produces beautiful collector’s items created from special metals. In fact, many collectors and investors worldwide respect these for their quality and design. Visitors can see Australia’s biggest collection of gold nuggets, watch coins being created and even see gold bars in the making. Tours are available, but you can also wander yourself at your own pace. If you have some spare change, some beautiful Jewellery and coins are able to be bought at the gift shop.


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